Nikini Marine has developed our very own Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS) using Siemens components, designed to capture the status of machineries in the engine room.
The system is designed for Supply / Cargo / Offshore vessels to capture status of machineries available in the engine room space for malfunctioning situations, critical conditions, warning conditions to duty engineers & officers. The system is based on Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and handles signals from field sensors which are fixed to each machinery to show relevant alarms and indications. The central computer located in the Engine Control Room, captures all the sensor/signal statuses from machineries and displays entire alarming conditions, (flashing) with audible alarms to acknowledge by the duty Engineer and records every event in a database for reporting and other purposes (troubleshooting..etc). At the same time officers in the bridge can also have indications of the system statuses.
The AMS consists with following features;

  1. Highlights the category of an alarm belongs to for the latest alarm message(s)

  2. User configurable alarm parameters (alarm levels)

  3. Alarm message displays with comprehensive description with time stamp (new event lists on top)

  4. Alarm events can be acknowledged by individually and indicates the user action on each event and highlights with a color code to distinguish the status

  5. Alarm suppression for selected field sensors (eg. to use at a repair..etc)

  6. Online alarm/event printing

  7. Large history for alarm/event records

  8. Engineers watch & call system (eg. for emergency)

  9. Engine room “Unattended Machinery Space” and “Engine Control Room” attended mode changeover

  10. Dead man alarm system

  11. Redundancy for communication & main computer

  12. Input/Output channel diagnosis

  13. Reports (with relevant trend graphs)


Take the Step Forward

Gain the advantages of a RO Plant by investing now! Nikini Marine is able to design, supply and install an RO plant for you to reap the rewards immediately.

RO Plant - Parker LTM Series Modular Watermakers


The LTM Series offers high quality Racor Village Marine engineered components with straightforward manual operation. Driven by AC motors (from genset power), the modular configuration comes in ready to mount modules for flexible installation options.  Integral to every LTM unit are a stainless steel pressure regulator and bypass valve. 

Drinking Water
LTM series Seawater Desalinator is a single-pass purification system that uses reverse osmosis (RO) to produce drinking water from seawater. Water produced is with salt concentrations of < 500 ppm, achieved by removing approximately 99% of the dissolved salt in seawater.


  • Compact in size

  • Easy installation

  • Space saving - additional storage freed with space saved 

  • Reduces fuel costs

  • Affordable

  • Minimum Maintenance


Nikini Marine can build customized switch /breaker panels utilising Blue Sea System's components. Customers get the advantage of a custom build by matching the panels to their exact requirements.